Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're not just irrigation...

Yes we started out with irrigation...almost exclusively installation in fact.  But as time went on our business grew completely by word of mouth and referrals .  By being in the Landscaping industry we naturally began handling other needs of our customers which is how we began doing Repair, Drainage, Landscaping, and Landscape Lighting.  Eli prides himself in creating a beautiful, soft lighting design to extend the use of your outdoor spaces.  Our weather here in the Midwest allows us about 9 months of outdoor entertaining, and having landscape lighting makes it more enjoyable and much more beautiful.

It holds true that you are good at what you love, and we LOVE doing landscape lighting.  Eli doesn't just install lighting, he goes over your landscaping and designs the lighting to highlight the focal points of your outdoor space perfectly.  For example in the picture below our customer had beautiful stained glass windows in their attic, since there was no light behind them the design was lost at night.  During the lighting demo Eli suggested putting a light behind them to bring attention to the charming design.  We don't want to just put some lights at the base of your decorative trees, we want to make your house stand out among the rest.  

Eli's Irrigation installs FX Luminaire, check out some of their designs if you are interested in Landscape Lighting for your outdoor space.  We have more pictures in our landscape lighting gallery on our website, send us an email to set up a lighting demo at your home

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple ways to conserve water

There are many ways to conserve water while still having a beautiful landscape.  Hunter Irrigation products offer many different heads and rotators to help conserve water.  There are rain & freeze sensors which tell your irrigation system to shut off when temperatures are approaching freezing or if its raining, and ET sensors that actually use the soil conditions to determine if your plants/grass need watering.

However there are other ways to conserve water without adding anything to your system, just by shaving 1 minute off your current run time on your irrigation system.  The average home system has 7 zones (pop-up spray zones for flower gardens, and rotators zones for the grass).  Most spray zones run an average of 10 - 12 minutes/zone using 1 gallon/minute/head.  Most rotator zones run an average of 20 - 25 minutes/zone using 3 gallons/minute/head. If you take a minute off all zones you would save an average of 93 gallons/watering.  This works out to be an average of 2,790 gallons of water/month and 19,530 gallons/7 months - avg watering months in zone 7 (assuming your system has 4 spray zones and 3 rotator zones).  Yes, this is an average on a typical system, yours may be somewhat different, but you get the idea.

Water in Oklahoma is actually pretty cheap, and we don't have a lot of customers who are overly concerned with water conservation, however as we become more and more aware of conserving our resources many people are motivated to do these things as a service to mother nature.  However, if you are interested in the money savings (I'm always eager to find ways to save money) I did the math for you based on my water bill.  In the City of Tulsa There is a charge of $6.45/1000 gallons of water used (this is water and sewer together, as most homeowners do not have a separate water meter for their irrigation.  It's 2.53/1000 gallons for water alone).  So if you were to save 19,530 gallons/7 months you would save $125.97 on your water bills over 7 months.  No, that is not a lot of money stretched out over 7 months, but its always good to know that you are actually saving money while doing something you can feel good about.

More than likely you will not see a difference in your landscaping shaving 1 minute off your watering time, especially in the spring and early summer.  However some summers here in Oklahoma we don't see rain for 3 months (with the exception of maybe a drop or 2).  During those times just watch your plantings, if they are beginning to wilt or seem to be burning up you may have to up the running time a few minutes, but its common to have to water a little more during extreme weather. 

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