Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're not just irrigation...

Yes we started out with irrigation...almost exclusively installation in fact.  But as time went on our business grew completely by word of mouth and referrals .  By being in the Landscaping industry we naturally began handling other needs of our customers which is how we began doing Repair, Drainage, Landscaping, and Landscape Lighting.  Eli prides himself in creating a beautiful, soft lighting design to extend the use of your outdoor spaces.  Our weather here in the Midwest allows us about 9 months of outdoor entertaining, and having landscape lighting makes it more enjoyable and much more beautiful.

It holds true that you are good at what you love, and we LOVE doing landscape lighting.  Eli doesn't just install lighting, he goes over your landscaping and designs the lighting to highlight the focal points of your outdoor space perfectly.  For example in the picture below our customer had beautiful stained glass windows in their attic, since there was no light behind them the design was lost at night.  During the lighting demo Eli suggested putting a light behind them to bring attention to the charming design.  We don't want to just put some lights at the base of your decorative trees, we want to make your house stand out among the rest.  

Eli's Irrigation installs FX Luminaire, check out some of their designs if you are interested in Landscape Lighting for your outdoor space.  We have more pictures in our landscape lighting gallery on our website, send us an email to set up a lighting demo at your home

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